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For your VIPs

Who are your most important people? Top level clients? Partners and Directors? Your Staff? Whoever it is there are few better ways to establish and cement your friendship and business relationship than with a top quality event pitched exactly right for the party you want to entertain and the results you want to achieve.



If you are considering running events to entertain key groups of people as part of your business development strategy then we can help. The Here’s the Cavalry team have extensive experience with a variety of different events, a fantastic network of contacts and some really knock-out ideas for what you might do.

We provide event marketing – even to cold lists – that successfully brings in exactly the right people, back office support through the process of getting them there, hosting and guest care, crisis management (eg an outdoor event rained off) and after-event follow up. Your guests are VIPs to us and we will make sure that they have an exceptional, courteous and memorable experience. And that’s true whether they are titled, High Net Worth people dressed in country tweeds or t-shirted Millennials flocking to your cool-de-jour launch party. We take care of them and they will thank you for it.

Take a look at some of the testimonials we received (which all  reference members of the Here’s the Cavalry team) from an event series for a City Financial Services firm:


event testimonials

Above all our Events get the desired results. We never forget your key objective in making the investment.
  • High Net Worth events
  • Staff and Team Building
  • Arts, Sports, International, Unique Experiences, Supercars – you name it we can arrange
  • Perfectly pitched invitation email campaigns
  • Ticket sourcing
  • Concierge Services
  • Onsite hospitality
  • Promotional and Souvenir items
  • Problem solving, crisis management
  • Supercar Transportation
  • Prizes, Auctions
  • Entertainment and speakers.
  • Event Photography
  • Terms & Conditions, Legal lines
  • Benefit from our fantastic network of venues and luxury providers
  • After event follow up, appointment setting etc.
Talk to us early if you are considering an event as part of your marketing or HR mix – we can help you make sound plans and avoid expensive mistakes.
 Request a callback using the form in the sidebar or call us direct on
+44 (0) 1273 251573
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