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Search Engine Optimisation

Put your roots down into the web

Once your website is ready to launch you need to take every opportunity to connect into the World Wide Web. Plant your site, put down roots, water, feed and watch your traffic and PR rank blossom.



The first phase of SEO involves letting the Search Engines know you are there and providing them with signposts to your site and content so they start to learn who will want to know about you. All Here’s the Cavalry sites have properly set up technical SEO underpinning and we make sure you have clear records of the small forest of accounts and log ins that arise in this process (ALWAYS stay in control of your site and domain).

If your content is good quality and unique to your website you are already halfway there. Proper set up of pages with good heading structure, clear navigation and fast loading, alt text for images and a whole array of other basic (but often overlooked) optimisation techniques are also key to the build project.

As copywriters it is in our DNA to answer the right reader’s questions rather than to merely promote and advertise. And that, in a nutshell, is what SEO copy is all about. We research deeply and believe good conversations with our clients and their teams are often the best way to uncover the really great keywords and phrases that bring the right traffic to your door and get the people clicking and buying. We install the best tools to help but nothing beats knowledge of the real market.

With a mix of best technical SEO practices, an organised approach to selecting topics and creating quality content and high quality research tools and techniques your site will be a winner in the SEO game and bring you the results that you need.

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