About Us

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Let's introduce ourselves

If you need super-creative people who are proactive, (get moving), intelligent and experienced in real world marketing (get it), work with what and who you’ve got (get involved) and don’t stop until your goal is achieved (get it done) then we’re your team.

We work with you wherever you are.

Here’s the Cavalry is a remote working virtual studio, a fired-up network of talented independent professionals working together to provide amazing creative solutions for businesses. We provide skill, expertise and consultancy in most creative & marketing disciplines and source services from a network talented professionals and expert partners.

Here’s the Cavalry is headed up by Gina Ware who is the full-time heart of our operations. Gina spent 7 years working in a leading creative agency in SE England as Senior Copywriter and Project Manager. She has developed Here’s the Cavalry into a service that provides busy entrepreneurs and marketers with all the creative talent and expertise they need right where they need it – at their desk or on the go.

We aim to make it as simple and affordable as we can for you to revitalize your business with  top quality copy, design, print communications and, of course, an exceptional website.

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See our recent projects

We’ll help you develop just the right buzz for your brand, identify the best possible mix to create fantastic marketing assets and launch and run solid and well organised campaigns that really work.

Whether you are looking for regular assistance and strategic expertise or a rescue service for a creative job that needed doing last week, we can step in, step up and deliver as your virtual studio or extended marketing department with minimum fuss.