10 Million Hardbacks

mockup showing website made byHere's the Cavalry displayed on various devices

When we first met with 10mh the situation was as follows: They had a fantastic, longstanding blog about books and places, arts and culture. It had heaps of posts, plenty of traffic and hundreds of comments. However, it was on basic WordPress which didn’t allow much scope, had a theme that had been picked out years ago and was no longer being updated by the developer. Worse than that, it was now just plain broken. The owner was locked out and tearing her hair out as to how to get back in to it. She was ready to give up.

We went into action with a rescue plan and retrieved the site completely. We moved it on to better, more secure hosting and set up redirects so that the traffic from the original blog would flow to the new one. Then we got started on a complete transformation.

We installed a smart new magazine theme, Soledad by Penci Themes, which, several years later has continued to prove itself as solid, dependable and easy to use. And it also looks stunning. We also created a new logo to complement the bold new look The owner of the site lives in Japan so we riffed off the iconic Mount Fuji and Rising Sun.

Magazine themes provide a front page set up that draws the content from the rest of the site using featured images. Thing is, being an old school blogger of the original web pioneering era, 10mh didn’t really have many and what there were weren’t the right size. Right up our street! We sourced dozens of images to complement the brilliant content the site already had.

10mh is mainly an author maintained site. So we taught the author how to use it, set up templates and introduced her to an online image editing program and showed her were to source Creative Commons and Public Domain images for her site. We also implemented a light monetization program with Google ads and some Amazon links. Recently we put in a full GDPR compliance set up with an excellent cookie plug in matched to 10mh’s brand colours, and also enhanced the site’s security. We also made some very stylish business cards for the team.

We continue to support 10mh with updates and maintenance but it’s such a sound site it rarely needs much work.

If you want to see a truly great magazine theme in action or just enjoy a good read and would like some excellent recommendations visit 10mh.