Carla D Behrle, NYC

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Client Location: NYC, USA

Job type: Website design and build

Carla Dawn Behrle is an extraordinary bespoke leatherwear designer and a craftswoman of the highest order. The creations she produces from her New York City atelier on 5th Avenue are worn by some of the world’s leading lights in music, theatre, film and entertainment as well as fashionistas who know what they are looking for.
It’s no surprise therefore that she needed a website that did her incredible skilled work – and celebrity clientele – real justice.

Carla is also no stranger to web design but she had become weary of battling with the difficult and unwieldy platform she was set up on. She was also struggling with how to display her work in a large enough format so that visitors could really see the superb quality of her work, right down to the stunning detail and perfect stitching.

As well as a customised theme and a general revamp of the original styling with strong typography and layout values, we created custom product layouts and a back end process to enable Carla to add and edit products easily through a standard WordPress/Woocommerce editor. Another task was to improve the way in which clients could request a bespoke fitting which we did with a simple button that activates a pop up form wherever required.

The finished site looks fantastic and is responsive on all devices with crystal clear images and sharp design. We aimed for just enough interesting features and moving parts to not overwhelm the cool and elegant design but still provide a user experience that radiates professionalism and class.

We don’t often get to work with a client who is hands on with the process of building the site and it was both a pleasure and an education. Considering we are over 8,000 km apart we had a great time collaborating on this project with lots of laughs, and boy, did we get stuff done!

Carla is super-happy with her new site and we are very proud of it.

If you’ve always dreamed of a tailored leather jacket, or an incredible pair of jeans that fit like they are sprayed on – or maybe a stage outfit from the woman who has dressed the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Bono and WWE Hall of Famer (the sadly late) Chyna, dash on over to:


Carla D Behrle takes orders for her unique off-the-rack items and bespoke leather tailoring and stagewear from all across the USA and Canada as well as the UK & Europe.