Naked Light

website hero image byHere's the Cavalry

This was probably the most relaxing job we’ve ever done seeing as we had Brian & Claudia’s fabulous music to listen to.

This project was a remake of an old site and the aim was to focus simply on selling digital downloads. We created a fresh and distinctive new look with a few stylish customizations of standard Woocommerce output. We embedded music players into each of the products so that visitors can listen to samples and imported all the brilliant comments and reviews that had been received. Several of the album covers feature Gina Ware’s artwork too.

Behind the scenes we moved the whole operation to new, more powerful and more secure hosting at Siteground

Brian, who is admittedly a very old friend of ours, loves his new site and says it has given him new inspiration which makes us very happy. He forwarded us a quote from a friend too: 


Love the super sharp website! Soooo C21. It is much easier to navigate, and has a really refreshed, feel to it. I will share the link with others.

Visit Naked Light – and while you are there appreciating the beautiful site, take the opportunity to check out the music. If you usually find music for inspiration, relaxation and meditation a bit – well, you know…meh – try Brian and Claudia’s – it’s in a different class. Wonderful stuff.